About Zac

Going above & beyond

My Journey & Experience

Hi! I’m Zac, a dedicated commercial and wedding filmmaker with a passion for transforming moments into timeless stories. Before diving into the world of creative filmmaking, I spent years serving in the military, where discipline and commitment became second nature to me.
With over 8 years of experience as a creative and filmmaker, my journey began in diverse settings – from the vibrant cosmetic industry to capturing the raw energy of gyms and the scenic beauty of the Australian outback. I’ve had the privilege of contributing to projects for renowned brands, including collaborations with Hipcamp, and seeing my work featured on Channel 7 including ‘Creek to Coast & The Sydney Weekender’.

While I love working with large corporate clients, I also developed a passion that led me into the world of weddings where I can film and create a story of the couple through my own lens.
Capturing a love story has become a profound part of my creative journey. I believe that each wedding is a unique narrative waiting to unfold, and my goal is to weave these stories into cinematic masterpieces that will be cherished for a lifetime.
Why Work With Me
Diverse Experience

From the glamorous world of cosmetics to the tranquility of nature in the Australian outback, my diverse background enriches every project.

Channel 7 Recognition

My work has been showcased on Channel 7, reflecting a commitment to quality and storytelling.

Passion for Weddings

In my approach to weddings, I don't just see events; I recognize them as individual love stories. My dedication lies in capturing the genuine emotions and subtle details, ensuring each film is a true reflection of the couple.